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Unformatted text preview: 50 points __________________________________ Total 1000 points Extra credit 60 points Discussion meets this week Group B: Group A: at 25 a/er: on the full hour: ADJ: Wed 2:25 ­2:50 pm ADE: Wed 12 ­12:25 pm ADL: Thur 11:25 ­11:50 am ADG: Wed 1 ­1:25 pm ADP: Thur 2:25 ­2:50 pm ADI: Wed 2 ­2:25 pm ADK: Thur 11 ­11:25 am ADM: Thurs 1 ­1:25 pm ADO: Thur 2 ­2:25 pm Course Website •  SIB Moodle website: h*ps:// •  and select “IB105 Environmental Biology Group A” •  or “IB105 Environmental Biology Group B” •  Everything you need, all in one place: –  Reading –  PDFs of lecture slides –  Assignments –  FAQs and useful informaGon •  Turn in or complete assignments online –  First pre ­discussion assignment (Faces of IB106) due before secGon this week! i ­Clicker •  Available at the University Bookstore •  Register online, link on Moodle •  See the syllabus for mor...
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