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Unformatted text preview: es to drop as popula3on size increases Compe33on leading to malnourishment Stress from overcrowding Density Independent Factors cause popula3on declines regardless of the popula3on density Natural catastrophes such as wildfires Habitat loss due to land- use How will our mouse popula;on behave if it is given a constant amount of food every month? (A)  Grow exponen;ally (B)  Grow linearly (C)  Reach a stable popula;on size (D)  Starve and decline popula3on size Logis3c growth Carrying capacity (K) S- shaped curve 3me Environmental Resistance density- dependent factors If r is very high, popula3ons can overshoot the carrying capacity popula3on size Overpopula3on 3me Carrying capacity (K) Overshoo;ng the carrying capacity can seriously degrade the habitat of that species. Deer feeding in a corn field and deer damage to a tree at Allerton Park. Source: Allerton Park, University of Illinois Life History Strategies K- strategist r- strategist Many bu_erflies lay hundreds of eggs, increasing the birthrate, however the death rate of the offspring is high h*p://*erfly_7650.JPG Elephants have only one offsp...
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