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Unformatted text preview: rces, par6cularly water, will be difficult. Food produc6on has been able to keep pace with human popula6on growth throughout the 20th century Future increases in food produc6on could be achieved by: Increase in arable land Increase in yield per acre Preven6on of resource degrada6on Environmental issues affec6ng Global Food Security Ensuring con6nued high yields (and yield increases) is important to stave off food limita6ons. However, industrial agriculture is facing poten6al limits going forward that need to be solved in the coming century: -   -   -   -   -   -   -   Degrada6on of arable land Freshwater limita6on Limited phosphorus reserves Limited fossil fuel reserves Physiological limits of crop plants Climate change Dietary shil towards meat consump6on hTp://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Wheat_fields_in_Burgos.jpg Challenges: remaining arable land in fragile ecosystems with high biodiversity hTp://maps.grida.no/go/graphic/natural- resources- agricultural- poten6al. Solu6on: Increase yield per acre through intensifica6on of agricultural technologies Saving land with modern wheat varieAes, global trend. Source: FAO sta6s6cal database. 2003. Available from: hTp://faostat.fao.org/faostat/collec6ons?subset=agriculture Challenges: are high- yielding crop varie6es reaching physiological limits? Global rice and wheat yield and producAon trends. Source: FAO sta6s6cal database. 2003. Available from: hTp://faostat.fao.org/faostat/collec6ons?subset=agriculture [Accessed on 7 January 2004]. Solu6on: Under ideal growing condi6ons, and using wheat varie6es that are already available, many countries that are major crop exp...
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