Challenges global dietary shil toward meat consump6on

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Unformatted text preview: orters could s6ll double the yield per acre. Challenges: modern high- yielding crop varie6es require extensive nutrient and water and energy inputs that are increasingly scarce resources Source: FAO Almost every aspect of modern agriculture relies on fossil fuel Haber- Bosch Process produces organic forms of nitrogen by reac6ng atmospheric nitrogen gas (N2) with hydrogen gas (H2) to produce ammonia (NH3), a process that requires large inputs of fossil fuel. H2 is obtained from methane in natural gas hTp:// Many pesAcides are produced using petroleum by- products TradiAonal sources of phosphorus: Manure Guano (bird droppings) hTp://øj.jpg hTp:// guano- glantz_crop_b.jpg Today phosphorus is mined from mineral deposits The mineral apa6te is one of the principle sources for phosphorus today hTp:// hTp:// Today phosphorus is mined from mineral deposits Morocco and China hold the majority of phosphorus reserved. Already, China is beginning to raise tariffs on phosphorus exports to conserve its supply. Like any non- renewable resource, phosphorus mineral reserves will eventually run out. At current rates of produc6on, phosphorus reserves are expected to become depleted over the next 50 to 100 years, although this depends on how many reserves are ul6mately s6ll discovered. Challenges: Global dietary shil toward meat consump6on World consump6on of meat has nearly tripled si...
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