Crop yields per acre have increased over ve fold in

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Unformatted text preview: eding >7 billion people possible? Green Revolu6on Industrial Revolu6on Origin of agriculture hTp:// 5 factors that increased yield since Industrial Revolu6on Industrial fer6lizer Herbicides & Pes6cides mechanized farming equipment Breeding of high- yielding crop varie6es irriga6on The Green Revolu6on The Green Revolu6on is es6mated to have saved a billion lives from starva6on by the introduc6on of high- yielding, disease- resistant crops and industrial agricultural prac6ces in third- world na6ons, resul6ng in food surpluses. Norman Borlaug The Green Revolu6on In 1961, the Indian government asked Borlaug to apply his techniques on a large scale in India, to stave off the ongoing famine in the Indian state Mizoram. Crop yields per acre have increased over five fold in developing since the introduc6on of industrial agricultural techniques during the Green Revolu6on hTp:// Food produc6on has been able to keep pace with human popula6on growth throughout the 20th century •  Scien6sts long feared a great popula6on boom that would stress food produc6on, but popula6on growth is slowing and should plateau by 2050 as family size in almost all poorer countries falls to roughly 2.2 children per family. Even as popula6on has risen, the overall availability of calories per person has increased, not decreased. Producing enough food in the future is possible, but doing so without dras6cally sapping other resou...
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