This technique was rst applied in the case of the

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Unformatted text preview: when using biological control agents to control non-, invasive pests (such as prickly pear in Australia)? Bio control has also been an important tool when trying to control invasive exo.c pests that gained a foothold in regions where they are not, and hence ohen do not have natural predators, parasites, or diseases. release of these from the pests range has proven very in many cases. However, non- bio control agents have to be carefully tested to ensure high host- specificity, so that “collateral damage” to species from the introduced bio- control species is minimized. Cactoblas)s cactorum Hormones and Pheromones Hormones have been used in some cases effec.vely to help disrupt the developmental cycle of a target pest species. Pheromones are vola.le compounds that many species use as sexual amractants for mates, and they have been used effec.vely for highly species specific trapping of pest species. Sterile Insect Technique Screwworm fly Developed by the entomologists Dr. Edward Knipling and Dr. Raymond Bushland, large numbers...
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