What do we need to watch out for when using

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Unformatted text preview: pecies are not a problem anymore since the introduc.on of pes.cides How can the evolu.on of pes.cide resistance in insect pests be overcome? •  Pes.cide Resistance — Insec.cides only kill suscep.ble individuals. –  Most surviving individuals have characteris.cs that allowed them to tolerate the pes.cide. –  Survivors pass on gene.c characteris.cs for tolerance. –  Subsequent pes.cide applica.ons become less effec.ve. While we will likely always have to rely on pes.cides, we can reduce many of their problems by augmen.ng their applica.on with other methods, including bio- control, insect hormones that disrupt their life- cycle, breeding more resistant crop strains, crop rota.ons and intercropping techniques etc. in an integra8ve pest management strategy Bio- control through targeted release of a pest’s predators, parasites or diseases can be one very effec.ve tool in an integrated pest management plan. Prickly pear cac. are na.ve to North America… … but have become an invasive pest where introduced to dry regions around the world. What do we need to watch out for...
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