On using gene8c diversity of wild strains to increase

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Unformatted text preview: of males of the target species are raised and sterilized (ohen by radia.on), and then released into the wild. The hope is that if released in sufficient numbers, the infer.le males will outcompete wild, fer.le males, resul.ng in reduced breeding success of females. This technique was first applied in the case of the screwworm fly and has led to its successful eradica.on in many regions of North America. Dr. Edward Knipling Intercropping Crop Rota8on Some pests that occur in soil such as nematode root pests, or that have res.ng stages (such as eggs or pupae) that reside in the soil can be effec.vely controlled by implementa.on of crop rota.on, with sufficient years between the return of a par.cular crop that pest popula.ons in that soil patch have been largely eliminated. Intercropping can be effec....
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