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How do we x our soil erosion problems reforesta9on no

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Unformatted text preview: oil due to wind erosion in the American Western Interior and made wide stretches unsuitable for further farming and grazing, have been largely successful. The 2012 drought was of similar severity as Dust Bowl years, and despite crop losses due to lack of water, there was minimal erosion losses of top soil due to dust storms, etc. How do we fix our soil erosion problems? reforesta9on No- 9ll agriculture Solu>ons for the tropics Intercropping of different crops grown together on a field, oWen at different canopy levels, with a tree crop (such as bananas) with one or two understory crops, was one of the tradi9onal farming techniques in many regions, prior to being displaced by large- scale, mechanized agriculture. These techniques are now making a comeback as they are very effec9ve in preven9ng erosion. These forms of agriculture have been shown to be par9cularly suitable for the wet tropics with soils very prone to degrada9on. What makes our crops prone to pests? (a pest being any unwanted organism – plant or animal) I. PREDATION BY HERBIVORES What aspects of modern agriculture makes crop...
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