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We now have pes9cides available that break down

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Unformatted text preview: 3) How might this par9cular life history strategy cause problems when our crop species have to compete with other plants (we call them weeds) in our fields? The response in modern, industrial agriculture has been applica9on of pes9cides to control pests Why Are Pes9cides So Widely Used? •  Food Produc9on – Worldwide, pests destroy 35% of crops. •  Economic Concerns – Pes9cides increase yields and profits. •  Health Reasons – Insec9cides curtail many diseases. Herbicides •  60% of pes9cides used in US are herbicides •  Used to control “weeds” - unwanted plants –  rights- of- way, lawns, crops •  Why control weeds? –  Compete with desirable species –  Need to separate from crop at harvest •  Tradi9onally controlled manually What would be ahributes of a perfect pes9cide? –  Inexpensive –  Always 100% effec9ve –  Only affect target organism –  Short half- life –  Break down into harmless materials Perfect pes>cides do not exist. However, newer genera9ons of...
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