The sustainability of renewable versus non renewable

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Unformatted text preview: we not likely to run out of oil, even though produc=on of crude oil is beginning to trail off and slow in this country, and globally? •  What are environmental damages associated with fossil fuel produc=on (including coal)? The sustainability of renewable versus non- renewable resources Can you use a renewable resource (such as fish stocks or ;mber) sustainably? Yes, but rates of extrac;on and method of extrac;on are key to allow replenishment of resource. Recognizing Benefits of limi=ng Overexploita=on of Resources SeIng aside sizable marine reserves that include no- take zones could reverse the trend in declining and collapsing fish stocks, allowing for con;nued availability of an important food source in future decades and centuries. “Zoning that precludes fishing ac4vity...
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