Johns river and water supply for central and north

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Unformatted text preview: func6onal linkages between core protected areas s6mula6ng or allowing species migra6on between areas. Forest fragments connected by corridors, facilita>ng species movements Isolated forest fragments Crea6ng wildlife bridges to reduce fragmenta6on due to roads and highways. Netherlands Canada Florida Wildlife Corridor Project (proposed) hHp:// Florida Wildlife Corridor Goals: -   Protect and restore habitat and migra6on corridors essen6al for the survival of Florida’s diverse wildlife, including wide- ranging panthers, black bears and other na6ve species -   Restore water flow to the Everglades and sustain water supply to southern Florida -   Con6nue to safeguard the St. Johns River and water supply for central and north Florida -   Sustain the food produc6on, economies and cultural legacies of working ranches and farms within the corridor -   Bolster local economies through increased opportuni6es such as hun6ng, fishing, birdwatching and other forms of eco- tourism -   Give wildlife and plants room to adapt to a changing climate and sea level rise Overharvesting/Overexploitation the American Bison Hunting encouraged by US government to clear way for railroads and deprive native populations of livelihood O...
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