Overshing in interna6onal waters is a prime example

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Unformatted text preview: verharvesting/Overexploitation the American bison By 1884 the American Bison was close to ex6nc6on. pile of bison skulls in 1870’s Overharvesting/Overexploitation the American bison What aspect of the life history strategy of bison made them so prone to collapse due to overhun6ng? Are bison r or K strategists? (A)  R (B)  K Overharvesting/Overexploitation the passenger pigeon Single flocks of passenger pigeons could contain more than two billion birds Hun6ng of the pigeon ceased as is popula6on dropped below ~10,000, but species con6nued to decline. This is an example of a phenomenon known as the walking dead, when diminished popula6on size makes the species vulnerable to other kinds of natural disturbance (climate fluctua6ons, preda6on, inbreeding, etc) that the species cannot recover from. hHp://www.stanford.edu/group/ stanfordbirds/text/essays/ Passenger_Pigeon.html Formerly highly produc6ve fisheries can suddenly collapse with just modest further increases in fishing pressure. Overfishing in interna6onal waters is a prime example of the Tragedy of the Commons. Everyone stands to lose from overfishing, yet on interna6onal waters many fisheries con6nue to be overfished. What is the incen6ve? hHp://en.wikipedia.org/wik...
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