Cheap gasoline planning and policy historically lile

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Unformatted text preview: by farmland Rural- To- Urban Shii Industrial Revolu3on triggered switch from rural to urban living Industrial jobs to be found in ci3es. Reduced labor demands in agriculture Immigrants Congregated in, and subdivided ci3es. Offered variety of cultural, social, and ar3s3c opportuni3es. Migra3on from Central City To The Suburbs Undesirable city condi3ons & expensive city land caused people & development to move to outskirts 1950—60% urban popula3on lived in central ci3es. 1990—30% urban popula3on lived in central ci3es. Agricultural land surrounding towns was converted to housing. –  Cheap, easy to build on & li\le restric3ons Land began to be viewed as a commodity, not a non- renewable resource to be managed. Most single family houses aier WWII were built away from city conges3on. The American Dream The Realit...
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