Reduced labor demands in agriculture immigrants

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Unformatted text preview: ed (GM) crop. In 1998, genetically-modified rape seed was found growing on his farm. He says he never planted it, never wanted it and suspects it blew onto his land uninvited. Land Use •  1/3—1/2 world’s land surface altered by humans. –  Most change done with minimal forethought to consequences. The Need For Planning Most land- use decisions historically based on short- term economic considera3ons or needs rather than on unique analysis of the landscape and long- term sustainability. Natural ecosystems (= “open space”) viewed as a commodity rather than a non- renewable resource Historical Forces That Shaped Land Use In North America First U.S. colonists converted landscape to farming, and then to towns and ci3es. A good place for a city was: On or near a waterway Transporta3on Water Waste disposal Surrounded...
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