The property once a metal can manufacturing facility

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Unformatted text preview: n Los Angeles is either roads, parking garages or lots Energy Efficiencies Automobiles are inefficient transporta3on. Decentralized ci3es—longer commutes. Average person in U.S. spends 9 hrs/wk in an automobile. Single family homes less efficient. Air Pollu3on As traffic increases, so does air pollu3on. Las Vegas 1973, ~350,000 1991, ~930,000 ExacerbaOng resource scarcity Precipitation in coastal San Diego Co. averages 216-240 mm/year (9-10 inches/yr). A typical household in San Diego uses an average of 1220 mm (49 inches) of water /year for outdoor use/irrigation. San Diego County Water Authority 2000, ~1,560,000 2006, ~2,013,000 Problems Associated With Unplanned Growth As ci3es grow and land gets more scarce we are making ourselves increasingly prone to natural disasters - Many ci3es located on floodplains. -   Building on fault lines. -   Building in dry, fire prone areas. -   Bui...
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