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Unformatted text preview: y: Urban Sprawl Urban Sprawl — Pa\ern of low density housing and commercial development outside of ci3es 1)  Wealthy suburbs 2)  Tract development 3)  Ribbon sprawl What Factors Contribute to Sprawl? Lifestyle Increased wealth of popula3on. Houses and cars Economic Building on agricultural land less expensive. Cheap gasoline Planning and Policy Historically, li\le coordina3on of effort. Tax laws encourage home development. Zoning ordinances prohibit land use mixing What might be environmental problems associated with this form or urban development? Los Angeles Melbourne h\p://www.sun3mes.com/3838469- 417/chicagos- popula3on- drops- 6.9- collar- coun3es- grow- census- shows Problems Associated With Unplanned Growth Land converted to urban uses at rate of over 1 million acres/ year -   Loss of farmland -   Loss of natural areas Source: US Forest Service Problems Associated With Unplanned Growth Need for daily commu3ng 70% of surface i...
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