Illegally growing its genetically modified gm crop in

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Unformatted text preview: ted into various kinds of crop plants, making plants that carry it impervious to Round- Up. This allows farmers to spray round- up onto planted fields to control any weed from growing between crop plants. Criticisms: Horizontal gene transfer The transfer of genes of one species to different species. Can happen “accidentally” through a bacterial or viral vectors. Risk of genetically “polluting” non-transgenic strains through hybridization Criticisms: Threats to natural species from escape and hybridization with transgenic strains Main applica3ons of transgenic organisms in agriculture: NutriOon and Yield Economic/Social concerns: -   Too expensive for farmers in developing countries -   Copyrigh3ng of crops 6 June, 2000 GM firm sues Canadian farmer US biotechnology company Monsanto has taken a Canadian farmer to court, accusing him of illegally growing its genetically-modifi...
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