Rockstrm et al 2009 nature 461 472 475 introducon to

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Unformatted text preview: bjecWves listed on the first page of these videos! Human impacts on the world are affecDng an degrading other important support components of the Earth system that have direct affects on human well- being and prosperity, in addiDon to high rates of biodiversity loss. Recognizing the value and preserving natural systems as an important underpinning of regional and world economies has to be a criDcal goal moving forward. Rockström et al. 2009. Nature 461: 472- 475 Introduc?on to Environmental Issues: IB 105 Fall 2012 As we saw, every one of these issues has solu?ons Urban Planning Invasive species OverpopulaDon Food Security Soil degradaDon Resource depleDon Nutrients/EutrophicaDon Waste management Water Security OverexploitaDon Habitat FragmentaDon Urban Planning Energy Security Climate Change PolluDon Who is best equipped to deal with these issues effec?vely? Whose responsibility is it to solve these issues? Interna?onal trea?es Na?onal legisla?on/regula?on Local/regional governments Free market Individual Ac?on Can we turn an equa?on that summarizes problems into an equa?on that points to solu?ons? I = P * A * T Environmental Impact = PopulaDon size * Affluence * Technology How are the three component P, A, and T interconnected? Can we take advantage of these connecDons? Preven?on ban producDon/acDvity l...
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