5 hours to con4nue electricity genera4on through the

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Unformatted text preview: a 90% decrease in CO2 emissions compared to diesel made from crude oil. This improvement also allows us to use new feed stock types, including inedible parts of crop plants and perennial grasses and fast growing trees that can be grown in condi4ons not suitable for food crops. One poten4al threat of 2nd genera4on feed stocks expansion of produc4on into marginal habitats tradi4onally unsuited for agriculture. Biofuel Solutions? Algal biofuels are perhaps the most promising. Algae have thus far the highest conversion efficiency into biofuel. Addi4onally, they can be grown using recycled nutrients from waste water, and captured CO2 from industry that can be bubbled through the Solutions? Solar Power Daily energy from the sun is 600X greater than energy produced by all other energy sources combined. Currently provides less than 1% of world’s energy •  Passive Hea4ng — Sun’s energy is converted directly to heat and used as hea4ng source. •  Electrical Genera4on — Solar energy is transformed into electrical energy. •  Solar Concentra4on •  Photovoltaic Limitations of Current Solar Technology Large PV arrays require...
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