Increasing co2 uptake alterna4ve energy sources

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Unformatted text preview: ok.htm Two causes of sea level rise: 1.  Mel4ng of glaciers (Greenland & Antarc4ca) 2.  Thermal expansion of sea water In order to stabilize atmospheric CO2 concentra4ons (blue line in second panel), and thus climate change (blue line in third panel), we need to cut annual CO2 emissions my more than half globally (blue line in first panel). Simply freezing annual CO2 emissions at present levels (red line in first panel) is not sufficient, but would lead to further increases in atmospheric CO2 concentra4on, and global temperature. So what are our op4ons? How do we fix this? Reduce Greenhouse Gases by: 1. Reducing emissions - alternative energy sources - energy conservation 2. Increasing CO2 uptake Alterna4ve Energy Sources Imagine that you are an engineer: Pick one of these forms of alterna4ve energy, and come up with a list of pros and cons. What are the major challenges that have to be solved by each technology? Biofuel What makes biofuels so aTrac4ve? What are problems with biofuels? Source Energy sector Hydroelectric Wind Solar Nuclear Biofuel Electricity Electricity Electricity, Direct Heating Electricity Transportation But current fossil fuel use is: Transportation Electricity Industrial Residential/Commercial 26.3% 30....
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