This is because warmer air can pick up more moisture

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Unformatted text preview: f major coral bleaching events in recent years Coral Bleaching kills symbio4c algae in corals & if sustained the coral dies of starva4on Warming of the planet leads to other changes in the global climate system •  Increases in the amount of precipita4on are very likely in high- la4tudes, while decreases are likely in most subtropical land regions (by as much as about 20% in the A1B scenario in 2100). •  This is because warmer air can pick up more moisture, which causes tropical areas to pick up more moisture, leading to drought. All this moisture has to go somewhere, however, and it precipitated back out over cooler temperate and polar la4tudes, causing increased precipita4on. On average: Dry regions will become dryer, while wet regions will become weAer Tree mortality Rainfall anomaly Fig. 1 (A and B) Satellite-derived standardized anomalies for dry-season rainfall for the two most extensive droughts of the 21st century in Amazonia. S L Lewis et al. Science 2011;331:554-554 Published by AAAS Probability that condi4ons in the Atlan4c ocean similar to the 2005 drought will be exceeded Increases in sea level hTp://
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