Tree mortality rainfall anomaly fig 1 a and b

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Unformatted text preview: loss of the world’s reefs Yellow dots indicate locaOons of major coral bleaching events in recent years Coral Bleaching kills symbioOc algae in corals & if sustained the coral dies of starvaOon Animals and Plants Shift in species distribution northward or higher in elevation Can species keep up with the changes in climate? Extinction can result if… (2) Migration is obstructed by inhospitable patches in the migration route. (Habitat fragmentation is a key concern today) Increases in sea level h_p:// Two causes of sea level rise: 1.  MelOng of glaciers (Greenland & AntarcOca) 2.  Thermal expansion of sea water Warming of the planet leads to other changes in the global climate system •  Increases in the amount of precipitaOon are very likely in high- laOtudes, w...
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