Be ginning learning objective 09 01 determ ine the

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Unformatted text preview: ul lives ? Be ginning Learning Objective: 09-01 Determ ine the cos t of plant as s ets . W orksheet Learning Objective: 09-03 Com pute depreciation by the s traight-line and declining-balance m ethods . The Home Depot financ ial s tatements appear in A ppendix A . a .1 W hat deprec iation method does Home Depot us e for buildings , furniture, fix tures , and equipment? Straight-line method a .2 W hat are the us eful lives over whic h thes e as s ets are deprec iated? Buildings 5 to 45 y ears Furniture, fix tures and equipment 3 to 20 y ears b....
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