Om it the sign in your re sponse future value 87120

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Unformatted text preview: a nd fina l a nsw e r to the ne a re st dolla r a m ount. Om it the "$" sign in your re sponse .) Future value $ 87,120 Explanation: a . $20,000 × 1.791 (from Table FA-1) = $35,820 future value b. $100,000 (An amount to be rec eived in the future is already at future value.) c. 10,000 × 14.487 (from Table FA-2) = $144,870 future value d. Future value of initial inves tment, $50,000 × 1.405 (from Table FA-1) Future value of annual pay ments , $5,000 × 3.374 (from Table FA-2) $ 70,250 16,870 $ 87,120 http://ezto.mhecloud.mcg r aw- .tpx?todo= pr intview 16/21...
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