As s ume c ollec tions oc c ur at y ear end round

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Unformatted text preview: annual rate of 8 perc ent. As s ume c ollec tions oc c ur at y ear-end. (Round your PV fa ctor to 3 de cim a l pla ce s a nd fina l a nsw e r to the ne a re st dolla r a m ount. Om it the "$" sign in your re sponse .) Pres ent value $ 85,662 W orksheet Learning Objective: B-02 Des cribe the relations hips between pres ent values and future am ounts . Learning Objective: B-01 Explain what is m eant by the phras e tim e value of m oney. Learning Objective: B-05 Com pute the pres ent values of future cas h flows . Us e Table PV-1 (in Ex hibit B-7) and Table PV-2 (in Ex hibit B-9) a . Determine the pres ent value of $15,000 to be paid annually for 10 y ears , dis c ounted a...
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