Om it the sign in your re sponse date june 30 general

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Unformatted text preview: r a m ount. Om it the "$" sign in your re sponse .) Date June 30 General Journal Debit 46,884 Ca sh Discount on bonds pa ya ble Bonds pa ya ble Credit 3,116 50,000 c. W hy were the bonds is s ued at a dis c ount? The bonds w e re sold a t a discount be ca use the coupon ra te of inte re st, 9%, w a s le ss tha n the m a rke t ra te of inte re st, 10%. Learning Objective: B-05 Com pute the pres ent values of future cas h flows . W orksheet Learning Objective: B-03 Explain three bas ic ways in which Learning Objective: B-06 Dis cus s accounting applications decis ion m akers apply the tim e value of m oney. of the concept of pres ent value. Us e Table PV-1 (in Ex hibit B-7) and Table PV-2 (in Ex hibit B-9) On June 30 of the c urrent y ear, Rural Gas & Elec tric Co. is s ued $50,000,000 fac e value, 9 perc ent, 10-y ear bonds pay able, with interes t dates of Dec ember 31 and June 30. The bonds were is s ued at a dis c ount, res ulting in an effec tive s emiannual interes t rate...
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