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Un investigation o handbooks and websites o

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Unformatted text preview: igation o Handbooks and websites o Nationally based human rights commissions o Human rights commission reports o Collections of testimonies o Stories in the media o Other scattered venues Fact Finding Missions Fact-finders seek information in and through heterogeneous sources o Ex. Legislation, court opinions, newspaper articles, government reports, photographs, documents Goal of fact-finding: to provide credible and reliable data about rights abuses o There can be no case without evidence that can stand up to crossexamination Handbooks and websites handbooks often incorporate the voices of witnesses, victims and survivors this helps frame the situation and offers a vivid reporting on specific human rights violations o amnesty international handbook uses personal testimony to engage potential human rights advocates websites like witness ( also pioneer innovative strategies for strengthening advocacy through the use of digital technologies offers training in collecting testimony, documentary-making for an international audience and video streaming for grassroots advocacy Human Rights commission & tribunals in an attempt to restore social/political stability, reports often sanitize abuses of the past final reports can legitimate testimonies of the victims turning witnesses into survivors o ex. Agents...
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