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What of those who are not respresented abstract

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Unformatted text preview: those who are not respresented? Abstract nature of cultural narratives leaves vacuum Summons individual to narrate one s own story o Assume personal responsibility for the hegemonic narrative s common sense o Ex: to accuse the cultural narrative of being inaccurate Raises the risk, but presents an opportunity for individual (storyteller) To be fully incorporated as citizen-subjects when they consent to occupying the office of narrator contemporary human rights and the classical theories of bildung both subpoena the individual to occupy the role of the narrator in their cultural narratives of human personality development Thus in their idealist formulations, the individual is supposed to come to perceive social institutions as manifestations of the self pg.203 But these structure do no always function ideally, or have been violently co-opted - Storytelling and TRC approaches become a way to redress that imbalance To reinstate the dialectical and dialogical process Whereby individuals are participants utube/watch?v=erdbwov_hao Venues of storytelling TRC s and published life narratives are not the only place that storytelling and human rights intersect Also see this in: o Fact-finding missions  ex. UN invest...
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