Social and Psychoanalytic Interpretations - Study Notes

Helper o helps make the impossible possible o

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Unformatted text preview: Magical helper o Helps make the impossible possible o Represent both good and evil (there are good & bad fairy ie. Sleeping beautiful) y Someone in disguise o Usually some kind of test (Donkey Skin: hide the fact that she was princess until last minute) y Obsessive compulsive character y A hero o Raises up to rank (Cinderella, Belle Motifs y Color: gold, blue o Purity Trials y Imprisonment, exile y Bargain (rumpulsiltskin spin straw into gold, have to give firstborn, guess his name) Values y Beauty y Kindness y Loyalty Common Themes y Powerful father who protect daughter o Who are often threats daughter as well y Blueprint of Patriarchy Commonalities with Lear? y Shakesphere probably embellished with fairytales Fairy Tales y Sexuality brings it together o How it brings us to see ourselves/values o Brings family together o Teaches us social standings (who you can and cannot sleep with someone) y It was like our 20th century sex education Charles Perrault y Cinderella, red riding hood, snow white, puss in boots y before grimm brothers Sigmund Freud y use symbols to explain...
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