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Social and Psychoanalytic Interpretations - Study Notes

Repressed into the unconscious y dream and fairy tale

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Unformatted text preview: conflicts .repressed into the unconscious y dream and fairy tale use similar symbols Carl Gustav Jung y collective unconscious Other related theories y stories with enchantment o human taking animal form Freud theories of Sexuality y Oedipal theory o women are lacking because she doesn t have what a boy has o leave mother world because mother doesn t have and is lacking and join s dad s side of possession and power o function of women  lack of phallus, so try to make up by being obedient/assume power through sons/husband  raises child into symbolic order y lack of mother (Regan, Goneiral ) o daughter behave like men  power hungry  toss father away Electra Complex y daughter love father Lear Complex  eliminate mother to marry daughter...
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