Universal Declaration of Human Rights - Study Notes

Signed the udhr y assumptions of individuality makes

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Unformatted text preview: igned the UDHR y Assumptions of individuality makes the UDHR vague y UDHR loaded with cultural assumptions Worldwide influence of UDHR y We are all reasonable - we have ability to judge things in logical way and not like animals(by instincts) o We are all autonomous we can act on are own free will and not just subjected to norms of society and family, we are all independent o UDHR criticized because it is Liberal individualism every individual is a package unto themselves and we can act the way we want without the need to feel that we ll be rejected  On the opposite side of communitarian (individualism exists only as far as imbedded in a cultural/social markers; we behave consistently to our background y Are we really independent? o Yes we are our own person, but when we act you act in representation of our gender, family, status. ( if you wanted to dye your hair Neon green can you without needing to consult people around you? y Or are we culturally situated, depend and responsible o others in our community? o This will help us know we have group to depend on, no loneliness Memoir(Journal articles in first person) Boom in the 80s and 90s y Rise of local and transitional political movements ( looked for support outside of their community, what worked and what didn t) y Usually stories were told by people of strength and power o If story told by victor compared to same story told by loser stories would be quite different o...
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