King Lear and The Odyssey - Study Notes

Daughters o danishes cordelia y significane of these

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Unformatted text preview: ughters o Danishes Cordelia y Significane of these actions: o He makes fatal errors o He misjudges his daughters Themes y Conspiracy, suspicion y Communication/ miscommunication y Threat to power (power of king, power of parent y y Desire for recognition/respect Nature vs. culture o Cordelia above nature o Sisters below nature o Edmund product of nature (sex) not culture (married) ACT II y Deeper development of the psychological focus of the play, centering on treatment of Lear by his daughters, and hi increasing madness y Action continues to rise toward climactic confrontations y Establishes main structure of play o Doubling of characters and parallel actions and sitions o Conflicts and power struggles  Nature vs culture  Chaos vs order  Lust for power and brute dominance vss kingly wisdom, reason, intellect Themes y Conflict y Madness y Betrayal y Loss (of powerm authority, rank, respect, love, sanity/reason) ACT III y Lear s realization of his mistake o Daughters betrayal o Struggle for power coup d etat o Triumph of chaos over order y Lear locked out of castle/ Gloucester blinded o Older generation barred from or blinded to what has been happening beneath their noses in their own households y Cornelia gets word of that s happening, puts together an army to invad Britain y Famous scenes: the storm, soliloquy as he curses his daughters Themes y Doubling of king/Father role: mistake as fater compromise his ability as ruler and vice versa y Loss(authority, rank, wisdom, reason y Humanity Symbols The storm ACT IV y Provides denouement that leads to resolution y Summarizes and reiterates ideological or...
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