King Lear and The Odyssey - Study Notes

Or philosophical message o feelings of hopelessness

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Unformatted text preview: philosophical message o Feelings of hopelessness and despair o Sense of aloneness the universe y Tragic(Re)unions o Gloucester and Edgar o Corelia and Lear o Conerial and Regan and Edmond y War is inevitable Themes y Chaos s triumph over order, nature, nature over culture o Order in family, in society, in rank and file of nation o Amongst villains who turn on one another o Have descended to state of total nature, animaility o Inversion of values: morality = foolish y Foriveness/ Blame o Cordelia lear forvive each other o Albany learns of Goneril s miseeds, unfaithfulness y Divine Retributions vs No justice anywhere in world ACTV Themes y Justics vs lack of justice o Pagan justics Message: Death comes to us all Death, gloom, finality Discussion Questions: 1) Is there justice in Lear s world? If so what kind of forms of justice does the play refer to? And are these forms of justice helpful or comforting to the characters? a. Justice: punishment of wrong doing from someone in high position y No justice, no compensation was made, even the good characters died 2) Who or what is the fool ? What purpose does he server? y H...
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