King Lear and The Odyssey - Study Notes

King Lear and The Odyssey Study Notes

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Unformatted text preview: rule which differs from tradition of heredity y Suggests that power of kin isn t automatic y He must retain it by stabilizing it: o By building enduring political structure o Maintaining the socio-political institution Queen Elizabeth y One kind of modern ruler that Machiavelli is referring to o More republican than autocratic y y o Willing to use guile, and abandon ethics or morality to protect her life and kingdom Great Golden age 44 year reign Elizabeth I y Presides over an ear in which drama is seen as the idea means to capture and convey the diverse interests of the time y Shakespeare s plats have social realist quality o Deal with issues of the day o Intended for audiences of all classes and background Shakespeare s Plays y Some of Shakespeare s most powerful plats are written during the Jocabean period (Elizabeth s death rule of James I) y All address waning powers of central masculine figure in turbulent times y All character based, as opposed to action-based y Helps us understand Shakespeare s times, meaning of his plays, events Main Characters Lear s Daughters y Goneril Lear s oldest, Duchess of Albany y Regan Lear s middle child, Duchess of Cornwall y Cordelia Lear s youngest, Queen of France Secondary Characters y Earl of Gloucester y Edgar older legit son y Edmund villain Minor Characters y Kent (loyal) y Albany (whipped, but don t like what s going to happen to Lear y Cornwall (works with wife and y The fool (jester and tell jokes to advise ) y Oswald (obeys mistress and help them) Act I y Lear decides to step down from the throne, divide his property between his children o Tests his da...
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