King Lear and The Odyssey - Study Notes

Y has the right thing to say at right time wise man y

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Unformatted text preview: as the right thing to say at right time. Wise man y The fool gets to make fun of the king and not get killed y He sees all, and braver than everyone else, he will say his mind (objective) y honest 3) Discuss the various character doubles in the play. Why does Shakespeare use doubles ? what purpose do they serve? y Goneril&Regan y Edgar&Edmund y Lear&Glouroster y Albany&Cornwall y Kent&Oswald y Beggar&Fool y King of France&Duke of Burgundy 4) Discuss the significance of the following motifs and symbols. What do they represent in relation to the narrative, the themes, and characters? y Madness kept getting worst, lack of reason/order,different types of madness y Blindness kept getting worst, unwillingness too see y The Storm y The Heath y Cliffs of Dover...
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