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Geography Study Guide Command Economy: An economy in which government bureaucrats plan, locate, and manage all production and distribution Confucianism: Chinese Philosophy that teaches that the best organizational model for the state and society is a hierarchy based on the patriarchal society Cultural Revolution: Series of highly politicized and destructive mass campaigns launched in 1966 to force the entire population to support the continuing revolution in China Economic and Technology Development Zones: Zones in China with fewer restrictions on foreign business, established to encourage foreign investment and economic growth Floating Population: Jobless or underemployed people who have left economically depressed rural areas for the cities and move from place to place looking for work Great Leap Forward: Economic reform program under Mao Zedong intended to raise China to the industrial level of Britain and America in a short time Growth Poles: Zones of development whose success draws more investment and migration to a region Regional Self-sufficiency: Economic policy that encouraged each region to develop independently in the hope of evening out the national distribution of production and income in communist China Special Economic Zones: Free trade zones within China State-aided market economy: Economic system based on market principles, such as private enterprise, profit incentives, and supply and demand, but with strong government guidance World Trade Organization: Global institution whose stated mission is the lowering of trade barriers and the establishment of ground rules for international trade Archipelago: Chain of islands ASEAN Free Trade Association: Free-trade association of Southeast Asian countries launched in 1992 by ASEAN and patterned after the North American Free Trade Agreement and the European Union Association of Southeast Asian Nations: An organization of Southeast Asian governments established to further economic growth and political cooperation
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Geography Study Guide - Geography Study Guide Command...

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