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Unformatted text preview: s the proton gradient, you will uncouple proton movement from ATP synthesis and therefore decrease ATP synthesis. Describe an experiment to test this prediction. Include the answer you expect if the theory is correct and the answer you expect if the theory is wrong. 2 MIMG101 Fall 2012 Homework #4– Hill Covering Lectures 11‐13 Name: _______________________________________________________________________ SID#: _________________________________________________________________________ Discussion Section #: ____________________________________________________________ 6. The bacterium Pseudomonas denitrificans can catalyze the conversion of N03‐ to N2 in the general scheme outlined below. Denitrification NO3- NO2e- e- NO N2O e- N2 e- a) Explain why this process is referred to as denitrification. b) P. denitrificans cannot fix N2, so it seems wasteful for this organism to convert N03 into N2. Describe a potential advantage offered by being able to complete this process. 7. Describe an enrichment culture technique used to isolate nitrogen‐fixing bacteria. 3...
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