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Unformatted text preview: ______________________________________________ Discussion Section #: ____________________________________________________________ 2. The bacterium Thiobacillus ferrooxidans is able harvest energy from iron oxidation for ATP production by employing oxygen (shown below) or N2O as a terminal electron acceptor. A possible pathway for redox reactions by which this occurs is shown in the diagram below. Fe+2 Fe+2 is e- donor O2 is terminal e- acceptor Alternatively, N20 is terminal e- acceptor Fe+3 e- H+ H+ 4H+ +O2 2H2O ATP H+ H+ ADP + P cell membrane The O2 + 4H+/2H2O half reaction has a midpoint potential of +0.82. The N2O/N2 half reaction has a midpoint potential of +1.35. If T. ferrooxidans has the ability to use either O2 or N2O as a terminal electron acceptor, which would it most likely utilize and why? 3. What types of chemicals are used as terminal electron acceptors during fermentation? Do not list examples. 5. One prediction of the chemiosmotic theory is that if you allow protons to move freely across the membrane that establishe...
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