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Jonathan Jaklitsch Anthropology 143 2/7/08 Questions Galore in Immigration Issue The article “Questions Galore in Immigration Issue” by Michael Klestinski of the Daily Herald offers a cynical and sometimes comical look at the issue of immigration in the United States. The author begins by writing that the United States spent billions of dollars to help bolster the Mexican economy and keep the country from falling into the hands of communism; he adds that the threat is not over. The main criticism of the article is that the solutions to the problem of illegal immigration involve adding 13 million people to the a Social Security system that is already failing and also giving free health care and education to these illegal immigrants.
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Unformatted text preview: As an economics major, I always tend to view things based on a monetary basis. Illegal immigrants do help the United States by performing certain jobs that most Americans would not want to perform and also by working for lower wages. However, these illegal immigrants do not pay taxes and therefore the legal, tax-paying citizens of America are forced to pay more for an additional 13 million people to have free education and health care. I do not think amnesty is the solution and I certainly do not think that the United Stated can deport 13 million people; so, the answer to the immigration issue probably lies somewhere in the middle....
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