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lda midterm verison b

lda midterm verison b - Midterm Exam-LDA-2 Winter 2007...

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Midterm Exam—LDA-2 Winter 2007 Directions : For each question below, select the best possible answer from the options provided. Mark your answers clearly on the scantron. 1) 80-85 million humans have ever lived on earth. What percent of this total were hunter-gatherers? a) 80% b) 20% c) 14% d) 8% 2) According to Goffman, consistency between setting, appearance , and manner is… a) an ideal type b) a coherence of front c) an expected consistency d) all of the above 3) Posture, speech, clothing, facial expressions, and age are part of Goffman’s concept of … a) personal front b) coherence of front c) character d) dramatic realization 4) Bororo villages, as described by Lévi-Strauss, are organized ________. a) in a circular fashion with a men’s house in the middle b) between two moieties c) so the Cera always set-up camp to the north and Tugaré to the south d) all of the above 5) Bororo women are not allowed in the men’s house unless… a) they are already married b) they are still virgins and enter for the deflowering ceremony c) they enter voluntarily to propose marriage d) none of the above 6) Which of the following is NOT a function of a Bororo men’s house? a) meal preparation b) tool workshop c) temple d) space for sexual activity 7) A peculiar feature of Nambikwara life, as described by Lévi-Strauss, is a) Their nudity and lack of modesty b) Their reliance on men’s hunting as the primary food supply c) The concern of men with gardening d) All of the above
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8) After a Nayar woman is divorced, she is permitted relations with multiple men. Who has the authority to break off these relationships? a) The woman b) The man c) The woman’s mother since she is the household matriarch d) Either the man or the woman 9) Among the Tiwi, wealth is measured by… a) The size of their cattle holdings b) The number of children men father c) The number of wives men have d) Age 10) The city tableau of South Street Seaport in New York described by Christine Boyer (in Sorkin) functions to… a) Make the space more livable for the poor and working class residents of the area b) Return the Seaport to its original state and condition c) Evoke false nostalgia about the Seaport’s idealized maritime past d) Deflect unwanted tourists away from the neighborhood 11) Frontier imagery is used in New York’s lower east side to… a) Encourage gentrification b) Dehumanize the struggles of the local poor and homeless c) Justify police and state violence d) All of the above 12) According to Neil Smith (in Sorkin), Washington Square park in New York City… a) Has recently been restored to its exact appearance when it was first built in the 19 th century b) Was sold to private developers and has been made into a covered shopping mall c) Is one of the most popular attractions in New York City for foreign tourists d) Has been the site of violent battles between the police and a coalition of local residents and homeless people 13) The invention of agriculture… a)
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lda midterm verison b - Midterm Exam-LDA-2 Winter 2007...

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