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human sexuality midterm 2

human sexuality midterm 2 - HDE 12 Human Sexuality Fall...

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HDE 12 Human Sexuality NAME___________________ Fall, 2007 SEX # __________ Midterm #2 A 1. According to the authors of your text, “homosexuality” refers to a) intimate, genital contact between members of the same sex. b) dressing and acting as a member of the opposite sex. c) an attraction to members of the same sex of which we may be only dimly aware. d) the primary psychological and physical attraction to members of one’s own sex. @ e) the psychosocial meanings and connotations attached to our physical appearance as women and men. 2. In which of the following conditions is a homosexual person adamant and persistent in not wanting to be gay and who may have a deep sense of distress about his/her gender orientation? 3. According to the Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual panel,lecture and your text: a) Most children raised by a same-sex couple will experience confusion about their own gender identity later in life. b) Bisexuality describes a state of confusion about one’s sexual orientation. c) Homosexuality is often a result of several failed heterosexual relationships. d) If sexual orientation includes thoughts, feelings, and fantasies as well as behavior, then most of us would not be categorized as exclusively heterosexual or exclusively homosexual. @ e) In general, homosexual and bisexual individuals are more preoccupied with sexual activities than are heterosexuals. 4. Which of these terms is most different in meaning from the others? 5. With regard to homosexuals as parents, which of the following is TRUE? 6. Which of the following poses important medical-ethical questions in connection with the possible discovery that homosexuality was caused by a specific biological factor? a) Those found to have a biological predisposition to homosexuality might receive intensive psychotherapy very early in life. b) Those found to have a biological predisposition to homosexuality would not be allowed to register for the draft. c) There would be a temptation to find a “cure” for homosexuality if it were determined that it had a biological cause. @ d) We know today that DNA alteration can change a person’s gender orientation.
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