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human sexuality midterm part 1

human sexuality midterm part 1 - HDE 12 HUMAN SEXUALITY...

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HDE 12, HUMAN SEXUALITY NAME______________________ MIDTERM #1 SEX #______ FALL 2007 VERSION A Filll in the letter corresponding to the correct structure. Answers may be used more than once. 1. urethra 2. prostate 3. gonad 4. seminal vesicle 5. secretes male sex hormones 6. sperm mature and are stored here 7. testis 8. vas deferens 9. where sperm are produced 10. bladder 11. epididymis 12. Cowper’s gland 13. During prenatal development, becoming male requires the presence of an “X”and a “Y” chromosome, and : a) MIS and testosterone @ b) the relative absence of male sex hormones c) only the absence of female sex hormones d) adrenal steroids 14. The Cowper’s glands, prostate gland, and seminal vesicles are all involved in: a) triggering (starting) gonadal differentiation during prenatal development b) the production and /or release of seminal fluid @ c) causing the testes to develop d) the storage of sperm 15. The portion of the penis that is removed during circumcision is the a) foreskin @ b) frenulum c) coronal ridge d) glans e) shaft 16. Penis size is positively correlated with length of fingers and race. a) True b) [email protected] Fill in the letter corresponding to the correct structure. Answers may be used more than once. 17. gonad 18. urethra 19. most sensitive to touch 20. uterus 21. vagina 22. secretes female sex hormones 23. where most fertilizations occur 24. clitoris 25. ovary 26. where fertilized egg implants and grows 27. fallopian tube 28. where eggs are produced
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29. What portion of the lining of the uterus is shed during menstruation? a) the exometrium b) the endometrium @ c) the myometrium d) the mesometrium 30. These are thought to release a scent, or pheromone, when a female is sexually aroused. a) Bartholin’s glands @ b) cervical glands c) mons pubis d) uterine glands e) Skene’s glands 31. Concerning vaginal secretions, all of the following statements are true EXCEPT a) Vaginal secretions vary in appearance according to the hormone level changes during the menstrual cycle. b) The vagina’s natural chemical and bacterial balance helps promote healthy mucosa. c) The Ph of the vagina is normally rather acidic. d) Douching and feminine hygiene sprays help in maintaining vaginal health. e) Deodorant tampons are unnecessary, as menstrual fluid has no odor until outside the body. 32. According to lecture, a large penis is not a particularly a desirable feature of male anatomy because a) the aroused vagina averages only six inches in length. b) the orgasmic platform renders penis girth unimportant. c) too long a penis can cause pain during intercourse. d) as far as anatomy goes, shoulders, abs, legs, and buns are all more interesting to most women than penis size. e)
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human sexuality midterm part 1 - HDE 12 HUMAN SEXUALITY...

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