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Midterm Study Guide - International Politics Midterm Study...

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International Politics Midterm Study Guide Differences between Int’l and Domestic Politics Differing tactics, can’t enforce internal laws externally, violence plays larger role in Int’l Politics, more order in domestic, greater cooperation in Domestic, authority is greater in Domestic, Similarities between Int’l and Domestic Politics There are haves and have nots, Wars occur if there is nothing to prevent them Power: Ability to achieve one’s goals (Deny someone or Gain something) Resources include: population, territory, resources, economy, military Intangibles: Ideas, cultural influence (soft power) Capacity of Collective Actions: Mobilize internally (leadership); enforcing will externally (diplomatic skill) Power Conversion: Ability to convert power resources into actual power Hard Power: Enticements or threats to get something done (industrialized world) o Coercive: Cut off funds; Subversion: Undermine o Weak States: Blackmail, sponsor terrorism Soft Power: Get people to emulate your example (important in democratic peace) Influence: Shared values; Guilt Not every ingredient for power is usable, not everything usable works Power is not like Money Balance of Power : Distribution of power, prevents one state from dominating Interest vary based on position in world : Little countries can be self-centered, powerful countries desire order Politicization: Making an issue of source of contention for political points Economics is a domestic political issue, outsourcing becomes both Legal Orders Subjects of Law: Individuals in Domestic; States in Int’l Character of Law: Domestic Law=Set of commands; Int’l Law-Set of contracts (non-proliferation treaty) Clarity of Law: Domestic law is clearer Enforcement of Law: Hard to enforce int’l law compared to domestic law Moral Order Survival outweighs justice in Int’l Politics; unjust means are acceptable to sustain
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/08/2008 for the course POLI 140 taught by Professor Goeckel during the Spring '07 term at SUNY Geneseo.

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Midterm Study Guide - International Politics Midterm Study...

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