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SPRING 2007 DR. ROBERT GOECKEL SUNY-GENESEO OFFICE – WELLES 3E PLSC 140 245-5459 T Th 2 – 3:15 pm [email protected] Milne 213 PLSC 140 INTERNATIONAL POLITICS I. Course Description. The course is an introduction to international politics, designed to familiarize students with the ways in which nation-states and non-state actors interact in the international system. The course is organized into four sections. The first section provides an overview of general approaches, means and ends in international politics, and international systems. The second section gives historical background on cases of modern war and the causes of war. Then the course addresses various approaches in resolving or ameliorating the problem of international disorder. Finally, various policy issues and sources of order and change in the contemporary world will be addressed. The question of continuity and change serves as the unifying focus. As a social science core course, this course introduces students to historical/empirical development in social life, important concepts in the field, as well as major theoretical/analytical issues of realism versus interdependence. In the writing assignment students are challenged to analyze and interpret an issue in contemporary international relations using this background. II. Required Texts: The following books are available at the Sun Dance Bookstore. Joseph Nye, International Understanding Conflicts (Longman, 6 th edition). Map of the World Ziegler chapters and relevant news articles on Milne reserve (eRes), password for which is “polisci” Current international events will be discussed in class. Students are required to read the Daily Headlines (Top Stories and World only) of the New York Times online edition. The New York Times is also available in the residence halls and Milne Library; subscriptions are also available at Under the Sun. The Newshour on PBS (7pm WXXI) is also a good source of in-depth coverage. III. Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 10-11:00 am and Wednesday 1:15-3:15 pm or by appointment. Email: [email protected] IV. Course Requirements: Final grades will be based on the following factors. Geography/Concept Exam 10% Midterm Exam 20% Integrative Essay 15% Final Exam 35% Class Participation 10% Quizzes 10% 1
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Students should be prepared to discuss the readings for the class. A daily measure of participation will be incorporated into the participation component. Participation includes raising and answering questions about class material, expressing opinions, or inquiring about international relations generally. This may occur during class or outside the formal classroom setting. Students will also write an integrative essay (5-6 pages) in which they develop an
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syllabus_spring_2007 - SPRING 2007 SUNY-GENESEO PLSC 140 T...

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