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Jonathan Jaklitsch Anthropology 143 2/7/08 Stop Illegal Immigration Now I chose the article “Stop Illegal Immigration NOW Or Immigrants Will Soon Out Vote You” by Warner Todd Hudson because I found the title comical and because the picture used in the article was the same as the one you showed in class. The author of the article puts a very conservative spin on the issue of immigration, but I also believe that he is acting as a realist in some of the points that he is making. The author seems to hold some of the same views as me on illegal immigrants. First, I think both he and I feel sympathetic towards these people. He states that most illegal immigrants are simply coming to the United States to live a better and more
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Unformatted text preview: prosperous life. Yet, herein lies the major problem I have with illegal immigrants; the legal tax-paying citizens of America must pay to support healthcare and education for illegal immigrants. The author of the article seems to have a larger problem: voting. He rationalizes that if more and more people are allowed to emigrate from Mexico, then voting patterns will change. When issues about illegal immigration come up, people with illegal family members will surely not vote to for measures to deport family members and friends. I understand the author’s point, but it would be unconstitutional to deny any legal citizen the right to vote. This is the major disagreement I have with the author....
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