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Final Study guide - World Since 45 Study guide 1. The...

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World Since 45 Study guide 1. The Atlantic Charter held out the promise that the post-World War II era would usher in an international commitment to peaceful relations between nations, the spread of democracy and self-determination as well as generalized social and economic advance. Yet a half century following the end of that conflagration can claim, at best, uneven advancements on those scores, as well as the widening gap between “First” and “Third” worlds. Account for the principal reasons that ‘Atlantic Charter’ promises, aspirations and expectations have yet to be fulfilled for much of the world’s populations. The Atlantic Charter, agreed to by Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt in August 1941. Intended as a demonstration of growing co-operation between Britain and America at a time when the United States had not yet become a belligerent and therefore as a warning to the Axis powers, it outlined principles of order for the post- war world. In effect it was an early attempt to list Western war aims. Chief among these was the ending of further territorial expansion at the expense of other countries, and recognition of the right of all people to choose their own form of government. The scope of the Charter was called into question a month later, however, when Churchill served notice in the British House of Commons that it applied only to the victims of Nazi aggression. Roosevelt demurred, claiming that the Charter applied everywhere, but of course this reflected America’s interest in seeing the break-up of Europe’s empires. In any event, and despite disagreements among the Allies as to the meaning of their own declaration, nationalists in the Third World seized upon the Charter as an opportunity to question the West’s right to rule. The Eight-points of Atlantic Charter
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Final Study guide - World Since 45 Study guide 1. The...

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