13 in text and 10 pts calculate the values of cu and

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Unformatted text preview: ext); and (10 pts) Calculate the values of Cu and Cc. What do these values imply? Page 1 of 2 d. (15 pts) In the ground (in-situ) at the quarry site, the granular fill has a total unit weight ( t) of 125 pcf, a porosity (n) of 0.35, and a water content (w) of 12%. Determine: the specific gravity of solids (Gs), the degree of saturation (S), and the dry unit weight ( d) for the in-situ quarry soil. e. The borrow soil (granular fill) will be compacted in the excavation at the building site to achieve a dry unit weight of 117 pcf, at a water content of 14%. Determin...
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