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Chapter 18 - Chapter 18 Who Deadwood Dick(Nat Love black...

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Chapter 18 Who Deadwood Dick – (Nat Love) black cowboy from the 1800’s, written about in westerns but portrayed as a white man in the dime novels of America. Exodusters – freed slaves, who pulled together enough resources to move west. Buffalo Soldiers – around twenty-five thousand black soldiers who served in the west during the Indian Wars. Called this because Native Americans thought their hair resembled buffalo hair. Joseph Smith – the founder and prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Charles Crocker – railroad magnate, who hired Chinese gangs to work on the Central Pacific (transcontinental railroad), Crocker’s workforce was made-up of around ninety percent Chinese men. William T. Sherman – General in the U.S. Army, headed the herding of Native Americans onto reservations. John M. Chivington – Colonel of the Colorado militia, slaughtered an entire village of Cheyenne Indians, mostly woman and children who were doing nothing wrong. Later forced to resign Red Cloud – Great chief of the Plains tribes, led his people onto the new reservation lands that they were forced into. Crazy Horse – Sioux chief of Oglala, refused to sign the treaty forcing his people off of their land. Sitting Bull – Sioux chief of Hunkpapa, refused to sign the treaty forcing his people off of their land George Armstrong Custer – Lieutenant Colonel in the service, in charge of troops who discovered gold in the Black Hills of the Dakotas. Also led the Seventh Calvary into an Indian camp where over two thousand Sioux warriors ambushed killed him and his men. Chief Joseph – Chief of the Nez Perez, resisted removal and fled toward Canada. Federal troops found him and his people cold and starving to death forty miles from Canada where they then surrendered. George Crook – combined judicious diplomacy with dogged pursuit with the aid of his Indian scouts who tracked the Indian
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parties who had been causing warfare in white settlements. Geronimo – a respected shaman, medicine man, of the Chiricahua Apaches. Led raiding parties on numerous occasions collecting ammunitions and horses. Nelson Miles – The general who replaced the irritated George Crook after Geronimo escaped from the forced movement to a reservation.
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