Chapter 21 - Chapter 21 Who: 1. Jane Addams- Founded the...

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Chapter 21 Who: 1. Jane Addams- Founded the Hull House, it’s a hotbed for reform, a big thing for progressivism 2. Lillian Wald- Nurse who went to live among the poor and be nurses and part of it socially, helped start the settlement house movement. 3. Florence Kelley- Leader of the NCL, urged middle class women to boycott stores and rally for decent wages and working conditions for women 4. Frederick Winslow Taylor- pioneered “systematized shop management,” a movement for efficiency. 5. Tom Johnson- as Mayor of Cleveland, made HUGE strides toward progressivism, many considered Cleveland “one of the best governed cities” 6. Robert M. La Follette- turned Wisconsin into a laboratory for progressivism, used scientists and professors and the university to draft a lot of legislation 7. Hiram Johnson- As governor of California he finally regulated the dominant Southern Pacific Railroad Company 8. William McKinley- shot and killed by an assassin, Theodore Roosevelt would take over 9. Leon Czolgosz- anarchist who shot and killed president McKinley, 10. Theodore Roosevelt- took over after the assassination of president McKinley, made effort to regulation big business by taking away the freedom of laissez-faire 11. Upton Sinclair- Wrote “the jungle,” which detailed the malpractice in meat plants, helped pass the Pure Food and Drug act, and Meat Inspection Act. 12. Gifford Pinchot- Chief Forester under Roosevelt, preached conservation of Natural Resources, and fought private interests who sought monopolies 13. John Muir –Founder of the Sierra club, believed all wilderness needed to be protected from commercial exploitation, both by private companies and the government 14. William Howard Taft- Handpicked Successor of Roosevelt, didn’t do well at all, was a break in the progressive movement 15. Woodrow Wilson- took over after Taft, promised to rid of big corporations and help small business and farmers, supported progressivism 16. Eugene V. Debs- headed the socialist party, advocated cooperation over competition, ran for president five times 17. William Dudley “Big Bill” Haywood-led the western federation of miners, and then the Wobblies, advocated strikes, sabotage, and direct action 18. Margaret Sanger- promoted birth control, had a feminist journal called The Woman Rebel, and opened the first birth control clinic
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Chapter 21 - Chapter 21 Who: 1. Jane Addams- Founded the...

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